The Select Program is designed to provide an opportunity for players to experience a competitive level of soccer. Select Players are taught what it takes to be successful in life through the sport of soccer. It demands values such as hard work, commitment, selflessness, integrity, and more. Fraser Soccer has a team pathway that increases competitiveness as the teams mature and develop.

The Select Player receives advanced training through a detailed living curriculum appropriate to each child's age, physical, and social demands and requirements. Competitive environments are created to elevate each child to perform to their excellence. Teams are formed in June and often add players to teams again in December. All Select Coaches receive continual training and have full access to all FSC coaching resources, development programs, and club curriculum.

Select Coaches often have many years of experience. Many of our coaches are licensed and all have in-service training hours and participate in a continuing education program along with the full support of the club.

Typically, try-outs for all MSYSA players for the fall and/or spring season of the seasonal year may not be held earlier than the date established by the MSYSA board of directors. According to MSYSA Rule 3.4 A5, in early 2019.  Thus, the board of directors established:

FSC 2023/2024 official try-out days will be held on both Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th!

All kids with the birth year 2017-2012 who come to try out on June 10th and 11th will be put on one of our MYSL teams. They will be evaluated for we can see the level of each player. To help with developing each player to their highest potential.
All players within the birth years 2011-2005 will go through a battery of skills testing to see their abilities for one of our travel teams at their age. Coaches and the Director of Coaching will determine the rosters for these teams after evaluating each player.

If you have more questions about the Select Program, please contact our Director of Coaching Michael Agostini at

The given times below may be revised prior to tryouts.  Please make sure to confirm your time before going to tryouts.

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