Playing Style & Club Philosophy

Playing style is a method and mentality of how to approach training and games. It provides a compass to direct you as a coach or player to make good educated choices per the style and philosophy.

As a club our playing style shall be one of possession, utilizing build-up play starting from the back. We shouldn't be ashamed to look long and make the best choices provided to us based on the information we take in.

Mobility of players will be strongly encouraged, retaining the shape of the team in attack or defense, and throughout both phases of transition. We will utilize our support players, and look to switch the point of attack either through our lines horizontally or quick switches with as few as one pass from one wide player to another.

We will thrive on 1 v 1 duels, and look to combine in an attractive quick 1-2 plays to finish in the final third. Players will move to create space and cause confusion for the opposing defenses.
We shall be organized and compact when out of possession and work hard to press to regain possession. Our teams will play with a very high level of intensity and energy.

Our style shall be defined as technically superior, tactically ingenious, played by highly conditioned players displaying an attractive and pleasant beautiful game. It
will be like a good movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

What is required to play this style?

Technical players - those that have the skill to execute this style.

Highly intelligent players with the understanding of why, when, where, how, and what the player needs to do at the moment in question, and the moments to come. The players need to be able to execute the skills at the same level of effectiveness from the first second of the game until the final whistle. It will take disciplined players, intrinsically motivated, carry a passion, and love to play the game.

What to look for during the game to see if your team is utilizing the club philosophy.

  • How many times did the keeper punt the ball?
  • How many passes backward were made in comparison to forwards?
  • Is the attack balanced on both sides of the field?
  • Are the center mids dropping in to receive the balls played out from the GK or defensive backs?
  • Are most of the passes your team is playing on the ground? Are you winning a majority of 1 v 1 battles?
  • Are we trying to win the ball back immediately when we lose it? Are the mids dropping back behind the ball?
  • Is the shape of the team compact and the spaces tight between the lines when out of possession?
  • Is there pressure on the ball?


This whole idea and thought of having all our kids and Coaches utilizing the same methods, ideas, and systems have been daunting, to say the least.

It has been an extreme challenge to define our identity and culture as a group and work on implementing it throughout the entire club.

When you read the philosophy understand that it is fluid and it has principles. It also is open for individual coaches to be creative in developing their own teams’ identity through the club philosophy.

The system in which it’s played allows freedom to adapt, as in any game the formation inherently changes through the stages of possession and transition. This style is truly what we call "Player Centered" which focuses on the player and their development where they are, it's not about wins or losses.